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I contacted Geoff through his website. He came and talked through our technical needs and specification and we discussed where the current system failed and where any potential solution could assist with using technology and also embedding this into our case management system. The concept and sign off of technology was a painless process and the system fully met all the needs of the differing departments within the office.

The challenge was that we had an “end of life” Ascotel 2065 telephone system with limited functionality and we had also lost the knowledge required to make changes on the system. The system was configured for 60 channels of ISDN30 and 140 digital handsets.

Our receptionist was fielding around 10,000 inbound calls per month plus an unknown number of lost and un-answered calls. The business wanted a futureproof state of the art system with desk and DECT handsets, IP handsets for homeworkers, PC based Receptionist Console, CTI (screen pop case management records on inbound calls), 70 hunt groups for fee earner teams, all staff to log in/log out with detailed DND (20) reason codes call recording, reporting, intelligent and skill based routing of calls and blended fax, email, SMS & Web chat.

The solution was delivered perfectly by Comms Consult providing a Mitel MiVoice 250 system with advanced IVR/auto-attendant call queuing function, 75 hunt groups, digital handsets, IP handsets and a Kirk DECT wireless solution, PC based Receptionist console, Xarios Phone Manager Pro software for CTI and intelligent routing of existing client calls to relevant fee earner team based on case management record look up. Click to dial function and busy lamp field on all users PC`s and system contact directory, Xarios Pro call recorder server, Mitel CSM reporting package with ACD log/in log out and DND reporting, NMS media blending for fax, email, SMS & Web chat.

The installation and handover were smooth and hassle free and I can report that the handover from one system to another was seamless and we did not lose a single call. The following support and training was first class.

From day one the receptionist started doing a lot of filing (nails), scanning documents and making coffee for visitors with a smile on her face. The management team have their dashboard to the business and the client experience has dramatically improved by their calls being answered by the right department every time.

Denis Wakefield – Operations Director

Bott & Co.

Denis WakefieldBott & Co