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Geoff and Comms Consult were recommended to me by one of their existing customers as I had a very tricky multi-site telephony installation requirement. I was using a Multi-node Cisco CM system with around 600 extensions that was on an un-supported version of firmware/software and the cost of bringing the system up to date outweighed the potential of moving to a new system.

The multi sites (2 sites in Manchester/Fleet street, London/Cambridge and Bromley all needed connectivity and also the Manchester site has a contact centre that acts as a hub for the other offices, with Bromley being the head office. The complexity of the system from an outsider point of view required a specialist which Geoff definitely is, he was invited to tender for the business. He made the network diagram appear very simple and explained all the core functionality would still be available and also bring in call recording and reporting that we did not currently have in the contact centre to the depth that he could provide.

The 5 x Mitel MiVoice 250 systems were all installed on the same weekend. From technical specification to handover was seamless and we added functionality and requests up to and including the day of installation, each request was handled with patience and understanding.

The business now has seamless connectivity with high volume call processing power, presence management, CTI, SIP trunks for resilience, call recording and advanced ACD reporting.

I would highly recommend Geoff and Comms consult, and in all honesty, would not consider using anyone else

Mark Gambrell

IT Director

MTA Solicitors

Mark GambrellMTA Solicitors