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We were recommended to Geoff at Comms Consult by one of his existing customers in the office next door to ours. We are located in a managed office complex and were moving to a larger office in the same complex and had been using a very flaky VoIP system that was always dropping calls and poor voice quality. We had six staff who lived on their phones making and taking calls to place Tradesmen into temporary and permanent employment.

The motivation for the office move was to accommodate a further six members of staff to help grow the business further so we wanted to make sure we got the right telephone system to cope with the expected increase in business.

Geoff came to see us and we discussed in detail how our business worked, current and future requirements and any issues that the existing system was giving us and their impact on the business. We then went to Geoff`s offices to go through his recommended proposals and have a demonstration on the Mitel system. Geoff had prepared two proposals, one for a straight forward Mitel system with ISDN lines and 12 IP handsets and the free Phone Manager basic software. In the second proposal Geoff had added Mitel Cordless DECT headsets, Oak call recording and reporting software which he then demonstrated and explained how these tools would increase productivity and staff training/management because the guys would have both hands free and be able to pace around whilst on a call (which they like doing), reporting which is the dashboard to the business so that we can see very quickly who is performing and who is not (he called this software that sacks people for me) and call recording for staff training and dispute resolution.

Installation and training were delivered on-time and in a very professional manner by the team at Comms Consult and the results we are achieving are even higher than we expected. Morale is at an all-time high in the office now and the guys love the new system and are now even competing with each other to see who can be the most productive based on the real time reporting dashboard on the office wall.

I think one of the best calls I have ever made was to get Geoff and the team from Comms Consult to sort out our Telecoms and educate us to modern working methods.

Adam Palin

Managing Director

Multi Trades Recruitment Ltd

Adam PalinMulti Trades Recruitment Ltd