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Horizon Hosted Telephony

Comms Consult are proud to supply the Gamma Horizon hosted telephony solution from just £12.50 per month per handset! All calls, all handsets, all you need for your business communications!

horizon hosted telephony

Horizon is a complete communications system for any business

It provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities through an easy-to-use web portal, Horizon allows you to easily monitor and manage your workforce helping to maximise the productivity of your employees with ease.
With detailed call reports, call logging, call recording and an emphasis on control throughout the Horizon portal, we give you all the control and data you might need from a modern hosted phone system.

Free calls for life

These include all calls to UK landlines and all calls to UK Mobile numbers. Perfect to help with the monthly business cashflow forecast and any business budgeting as it’s one fixed amount for your phone system, calls and line rentals.

New pricing available for Horizon voip

The relatively new addition of Gamma Horizon to the Comms Consult product offering, means that your business could benefit from dramatically reduced communications costs. This, along with the amazing flexibility offered by this Voip solution mean you’ll never look back

Gamma Horizon pricing

Prices start from £15 per handset per month depending on number of handsets

Free handsets with the system

Included in your monthly rental, depending on the final package you decide to go for, are the handsets needed to take full advantage of the Horizon capabilities. Offering all the flexibility you wish you had with your phone system.

Free Setup – No installation costs
No ongoing support costs
Easy upgrade paths if and when required
Keep your existing phone numbers

Flexible working as standard

The Gamma horizon hosted voip telephony system gives you the flexibility businesses require in todays technology friendly business world. Right out of the box you will be able to have a handset plugged into your phone system wherever you have an internet connection.

Work from anywhere in the world

The horizon hosted telephone system works by connecting each phone back to the central office phone system. No longer are you restrained by location, your phone can be taken with you and plugged into any internet connection* and you can be connected to your office phone system and calls to your business number will ring on your handset just as normal.

*service quality has to be good enough for voice

Additional options for system –

Receptionist console
management reporting
Call queueing

Business continuity made simple

What happens if your business can no longer receive phone calls? It would have the potential to do some real damage to your business and your reputation wouldn’t it?!

Due to the way the system is built, you can be rest assured that no matter how and why you have an issue you can redirect your calls to another number, another location or automatically route calls through to the handsets that are still online.

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