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Progressive Dialler systems

Dialler systems can provide considerable savings in both time and money when a business is making a significant number of outbound calls. whether your business operates its own call centre, or simply uses calling as a tool for generating more sales, comms consult has the solution for you. we work closely with our clients to provide them with an optimum dialler solution that best suits their needs. if we determine that a dialler is not what is needed, we can advise on a suitable technology and software.

progressive dialler

Progressive Diallers

for business to business outbound calls

Progressive Dialler software also dials through a pre-defined list of numbers and connects any answered calls to a free agent in a call centre environment. However, a progressive dialler only dials one number at a time and doesn’t begin calling a new number until an agent becomes free. The short wait between a completed call and a new call gives the agent a bit of time to complete any necessary post-call administration. A progressive dialler is best suited to clients running business to business campaigns or those using a list of numbers that have a high probability of being answered.

dialling system

Eliminate Dialling Problems

with a progressive dialler system

A progressive dialler can eliminate many of the problems associated with manual dialling. Firstly, it stops agents wasting time between calls by limiting the amount of time available to them. Secondly, it does away with the need for agents to spend time managing their call lists, thus freeing them up to focus on actually talking to clients and customers. Thirdly, it removes any agent prejudice, meaning that all numbers on a list will be called regardless of whether or not an agent might have negative feelings towards a particular company or person. In all, a progressive dialler makes for a happier, more productive agent staff as their job becomes less focused on the mechanics of dialling and more focused on customer and client interaction.

maximise profit

Increase outbound calls being made

and improve productivity at your call centre

In a manual based outbound call centre, the average productive time is between 15 to 20 minutes of talk time per hour. By implementing a progressive dialler solution, it is possible to double this figure to around 30 to 40 minutes per hour simply by increasing the number of calls being made and reducing the potential for wasted time. This 50% increase in productive call time translates into the potential for a similar increase in profit, without requiring an additional investment in staff.

Manage Call Campaigns & Staff

with an extensive reporting system

To help with the management of call campaigns and staff, Comms Consult is offers an extensive reporting system. Historical reports can be supplied on a variety of factors including campaign activity, call outcomes and user productivity. The range of information available can be exported for use in other applications to help you get the most out of your outbound dialling business.

At Comms Consult, we offer four types of progressive dialler. Whether you are looking for the least expensive, most efficient, or easiest to use, we will work extensively with you to ensure that the automated dialler system that we propose best matches your requirements.

progressive dialler

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Predictive Dialler System

Predictive Dialler

Predictive Dialler Systems can provide considerable savings in both time and money when a business is making a significant number of outbound calls.

Progressive Dialler System

Progressive Dialler Systems

Progressive Dialler software dials through a pre-defined list of numbers and connects any answered calls to a free agent in a call centre environment.

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