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In their continued dedication to future-proofing the communication needs of businesses across the UK, Gamma has launched a new mobile network.

This is a business-only mobile network solution that’s designed to enhance the whole mobile experience for SMEs right through to large corporations.

Speed, reliability, bespoke business functionality and fantastic customer support are all at the forefront of Gamma’s mobile offering. Some of the key benefits of Gamma Mobile include:

The Network Is Built Purely For Business

Businesses have very different needs to the general public when it comes to mobile communication.

With Gamma Mobile being available only to business users, there is never any consumer traffic slowing the network down during core business hours.

Gamma have also been able to build a set of features around the needs of business users to deliver not just a great mobile network, but a powerful business communication tool. 

Gamma Own The Core Network Systems

By owning the network, Gamma aren’t reliant on any other providers to fulfil their service offering.

This means they can manage your business mobile service much easier and also make updates and changes to the network more quickly.

With in-house capabilities like this, maintenance, product development and customer support are able to be given the full focus they deserve.

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The Biggest And Most Reliable Data Network In The UK

With 4G as standard, business traveller bolt-ons (including mobile use abroad) and the biggest and most reliable data network in the UK, Gamma Mobile is raising the bar for business mobile users.

It’s becoming increasingly important for users of business mobile phones to be as accessible as possible to their clients.

The solutions Gamma Mobile provides can help drive your business forward, even when you or your staff are out and about.

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Excellent Set Of Features Designed Specifically For Business

By being a business-only network, Gamma Mobile has features tailored to suit business demands, rather than consumer use.

Extended voicemails will help ensure nothing is ever lost in translation if a call is missed and customisable out of hours greetings will help to keep your clients up-to-date at different times of the day. 

Converged Services To Future-Proof Your Business

With the introduction of Gamma Connect, Gamma Mobile can be seamlessly integrated with your Gamma Horizon hosted VOIP telephony system

For both small and large businesses, unified communications are becoming more and more accessible and offer significant benefits in terms of joining up services and streamlining internal and external communications.

Coverage Checking Service

As part of the service our talented team of Gamma product experts are able to check all the things that will be crucial to your businesses mobile communications.

Information such as indoor and outdoor coverage in your areas of operation, live network updates and details of any planned network maintenance can all be checked at your request.

Ready For The Switch To Gamma Mobile?

With competitive pricing and a best-in-class business mobile service offering, more and more businesses are making the switch to Gamma Mobile.

Switching is easy and seamless with no negative impact on your day-to-day business activities. Importantly, you can also keep your current mobile numbers meaning no added expense is incurred through updating old business cards.

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