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Business Call Recording Guide

What is call recording?Call recording is simply put, recording a call with a recorder software allowing you to record conversations over a PSTN, SIP or VoIP phone lines. You can then access those calls as audio files. Meaning you’re able to retrieve, playback, store, and share recordings, with the sole purpose being to record the calls.Call recording is not the same as call logging, which reports

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Your guide to small business phone systems with hold music

Your guide to small business phone systems with hold musicWhether you’re a small or large company, when it comes to phone systems for businesses it’s important to pick the best hold music to create the ideal image for your company.Hold music can either make or break your customer’s experience with you and can ultimately influence the caller’s attitude before they speak to a member of your staff, therefore taking genre and mood into consideration should be a top priority. Why do

Gamma Horizon Hosted Phone system Review

The Ultimate Guide & Costs of Gamma Horizon

A simple guide to Gamma HorizonWhat is Gamma Horizon?Gamma horizon is a complete business communication solution, using a simple web portal it allows you to easily control and manage your fixed and mobile telephone system.Essentially, Gamma is an industry leading network provider of the increasingly popular horizon phone system. Known as gamma horizon, the intuitive solution offers an affordable on-demand telecom service using the latest ‘cloud’ technology.Gamma horizon is a hosted phone system, which is also known as a

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A Guide To Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud Phone System: OverviewThere's a lot of talk around cloud based phone systems, including SIP, PBX and VoIP systems, but what are they and why would you want to use one within your business?Cloud phone systems offer a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes, across all sectors and industries. Technology continues to evolve, shaping the future of businesses. Making informed business decisions that support you now, and future proof your business, has never been so important. So, before you consider

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Hotel Telephone Systems: What you need to know

Hotel Telephone System - What you need to know Why is a Hotel Phone System Important?If you work in hospitality, you will no doubt know about how valuable a hotel phone system can be to your business. The hotel industry is fiercely competitive and in most big cities there is a very small margin for error. 

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3 Benefits Of Call Logging

3 Benefits Of Call Logging Call logging software can be a great way to accurately measure the effectiveness of your phone calls. In many companies, missed phone calls can result in huge losses in sales, which no business wants. Call logging software gives businesses a way to overcome this problem by tracking, recording and optimising the use of their telephone systems. There is a huge list of benefits that businesses can experience with call logging software. To broaden your knowledge on the subject,

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What is Call Logging Software?

Call Logging Software Every business wants to save money and measure the effectiveness of their outputs. For some companies, phone calls are the deciding factor between being profitable and being out of business. If calls are a vital part of your business, and you know you could be measuring your efforts in a more effective way, call logging software could be the difference between your company doing okay and your company doing amazingly. What is call logging software? Call logging software gives businesses the

A Guide To VOIP Phone Systems

A guide to VOIP phone systems What are VOIP phone systems? You will have probably heard of VOIP phone systems if you are familiar with the telecoms industry. If not, VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. If you are still scratching your head wondering what the term means, a VOIP phone system allows you to get phone service delivered through an internet connection, as opposed to a phone company. That is providing that the internet connection is stable and secure. Making a call directly

5G: Is the UK ready?

5G: Is the UK ready?​​​​ It wasn’t too long ago when the world was going crazy over the revolutionary 4G networks, how much faster the internet seemed and the introduction of ‘The Internet of Things’. In fact 4G was only just introduced in 2008 but now the buzz is circulating around the introduction of 5G, boasting to be better than 4G in a hundred and one ways. ​​​​​What is 5G? First things first let's take a look what

7 ways a cloud-based telephone system will improve an estate agency

7 Ways a Cloud-Based Telephone System will Improve an Estate AgencyBeing an estate agent is hard work. So many people to keep happy, a high workload and a massive juggling act when it comes to time management. These are just a few issues faced by estate agents on a daily basis.One thing is important above all else when it comes to running a successful estate agents though.Great communication. Quick Navigation 7 Ways a Cloud-Based Telephone System will Improve an