Gamma Horizon Hosted Phone system Review

A simple guide to Gamma Horizon

What is Gamma Horizon?

Gamma horizon is a complete business communication solution, using a simple web portal it allows you to easily control and manage your fixed and mobile telephone system.
Essentially, Gamma is an industry leading network provider of the increasingly popular horizon phone system. Known as gamma horizon, the intuitive solution offers an affordable on-demand telecom service using the latest ‘cloud’ technology.
Gamma horizon is a hosted phone system, which is also known as a cloud-based phone system. As businesses develop an understanding and need for a hosted phone system, gamma horizon has been the most popular offering of a true integrated communication system. 
Gamma horizon is highly recommended by most industry experts as innovative, supporting  the future of business telephony. You can read our review of gamma horizon here
And, if gamma horizon wasn’t already impressive enough, it can easily link to the advanced gamma connect; a business mobile phone system solution. This further supports an end-to-end business phone system that supports your communication needs wherever and whenever; directly from the gamma horizon platform.

How does Gamma Horizon work?

The infrastructure of gamma horizon is through the cloud, so it works via the internet. It will connect each phone back to the central system so calls can be managed efficiently, working smarter and faster. 

Gamma horizon is accessed via a simple and easy to use web portal. The clean and user-friendly interface makes it a breeze for administrators to manage businesses calls, handsets and users effectively.

The intuitive dashboard also allows you to create custom dashboards to suit your business needs; gaining maximum and relevant controls to manage communication and maximise employee productivity.

The benefits of Gamma Horizon

Benefits of Gamma Horizon

1. Cost savings

With no major hardware costs you save from the outset, with a minimal capital outlay required. You'll then only pay what you need and use, along with cheaper call rates.

2. Drive productivity 

With control for administrators via the web-based portal it removes the traditional burden away from your IT department, so you can manage calls effectively and drive productivity.

3. Enables flexible working

Working from the office, at home, on the go, on the beach? No problem. You can work from anywhere and connect all your handsets onto the same system.

4. Quick installation

With gamma horizon using the cloud installation is significantly quicker and smoother compared to other traditional phone systems.

5. You stay in control

With an intuitive web portal, gamma horizon puts you in absolute control of your business communications. It also makes it simple and manageable to scale in-line with your businesses' changing requirements.

6. Ongoing support

Along with supplier support, Gamma also provides 24/7 UK based support services. Valuable resources, guides, videos and more can also be found across their channels.

7. Unrivalled call quality

Gamma horizon offers an unrivalled call quality and service, backed up by stringent service level agreements to ensure business continuity.

8. New features ongoing

New features are regularly announced for you to simply benefit from at the click of a button. No need to upgrade any hardware with gamma horizon's cloud infrastructure.

How much is Gamma Horizon?

Here at Comms Consult, we’re a proud supplier of the gamma horizon hosted telephone system, with prices starting from just £12.50 per month per handset! 

We can guide you in making the best decision to suit your needs with packages that include all calls, all handsets, all you need for your business communications.

If you'd like more information about Gamma Horizon you can speak to one of our team members today and we can help you choose the right solution for your business! 

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