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Your guide to small business phone systems with hold music

Whether you’re a small or large company, when it comes to phone systems for businesses it’s important to pick the best hold music to create the ideal image for your company.
Hold music can either make or break your customer’s experience with you and can ultimately influence the caller’s attitude before they speak to a member of your staff, therefore taking genre and mood into consideration should be a top priority.

Why do businesses need hold music?

Hold music originated in the 1960s and its purpose was to fill the silence that callers would hear while waiting to speak to a business. 

Since then, it has progressed into much more than that. It’s now seen as an opportunity to use it as a branding tool. The type of music you select as well as your voice artist can set the tone for your business before a caller even speaks to a member of your staff.

Think about it - as a customer, would you rather hear a static track or a calming one? How would it affect your perception of the professionalism of the business?

Adding a voice message to play outside of business hours can also take advantage of the fact that your callers aren’t able to reach you. It can be used as an opportunity to push your excellent quality customer service as well as advertise your main offerings. Mixing the right music with a positive verbal message creates a strong brand identity even when you’re not on hand to answer calls.

How do I put hold music on my phone?

All of our business phone systems come with default music, however if you would like to change the track to something more suited for your business we can change this for a small fee. We are also able to create a bespoke voice message tailored to your needs.

We offer a wide variety of tracks ranging from chilled through to rock, jazz and even Christmas-themed music for the festive season. We have over 25 different voiceover artists available for your hold script, so no matter what sort of accent or tone you require, we’re confident that we have the right voice for you. 

Click here to listen to samples of our music and voiceover artists. Simply select the buttons to listen and find the best voice and track combination for you.

Do I need a licence for hold music on my phone system?

No, you do not need a licence for the hold music available on our devices. All of our music is royalty-free, meaning you will not require a PRS or PPL licence.

Other systems will require these licences, however. PRS and PPL licences are broken down as follows:

PRS: Performing Rights Society. This licence allows for music to be played out loud, including on hold systems.

PPL: Phonographic Performance Ltd. This gives money to the copyright owners.

Both of the above have specific licences for hold music which you will need to purchase in order to stay within the law.

You may have also heard Classical music is a way to get around this, with the law being that copyright expires 70 years after the composer has died. However if the music was created in the last 50 years, you probably still need a PPL licence.

What is the best on hold music?

The best on-hold music for your business really depends on your customers and understanding what sort of music and message they would like to hear. Closely matching the music to the tastes of your audience, as well as having a voice of similar age and tone to them, creates a sense of relatability and trust.

For example, if you own a spa, it wouldn’t make sense to have rocky, fast-paced music. You’d want to aim for something more relaxing and soothing. Similarly, if you’re a life insurance business selling to over 50s, you don’t want to be playing the latest pop hit as your audience is unlikely to relate to this.

How long should an on-hold message be?

This depends on how long you expect your callers to be on hold. For larger businesses with a high volume of calls, longer hold messages are common and can be used as an opportunity to advertise services your callers may not be aware of.

At Comms Consult, we are able to create custom hold messages for your business for up to 150 words (just over a minute). Click here to enter your script and request a sample from one of our many voice artists. 

We offer a variety of Business Phone Systems, ranging from small office phone systems through to hosted phone systems. No matter your needs, here at Comms Consult we are confident we can offer the best solution for you.

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