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Multi Tenant PBX - Layers of how the system works

Multi Tenant PBX – How to choose the right one?

Multi Tenant PBX - Which one to go for? What is a multi-tenant PBX?First of all it is worth just looking at what a multi-tenant pbx actually is? Simply put, it is a office telephone system that can be configured to operate a number of phone systems on the same system or hardware.It is great to serviced office centres or space that want to provide tenants with the option to rent or purchase office telephone system functionality from the building

Gamma Horizon Hosted Phone system Review

Gamma Horizon Hosted Phone System – product review

Gamma Horizon Hosted Phone System [PRODUCT REVIEW] So, for the last 10 years the hosted phone system has been growing in hype and popularity, the Gamma Horizon Hosted phone system has now become one of the leading systems in the UK marketplace.Gamma have been at the forefront of VoIP for many years, including their industry leading SIP trunking offering.The Horizon phone system is built on one of the world’s leading hosted platforms in Broadsoft and brings 2 of the main

how does hosted telephony work?

How do hosted telephone systems work?

How do hosted telephone systems work? Before we can begin to understand how a hosted phone system works we need to understand exactly what a hosted phone system is and why they are transforming the way many people do business today. We need to start with explaining about the “cloud” – that mysterious term that very few people actually understand. What is the “cloud”? All that the cloud refers to in the simplest form is a solution or a service which is

BT Announces Scrappage of Remaining UK Phone Boxes

The red telephone box is a much loved and even cherished symbol of Britain but, when was the last time you had to use a public telephone box? With the rise of mobile phones and other communication devices there has been a huge decline in the number of telephone boxes which are being used for their intended purpose with more soon to disappear what is happening and where do they go? BT has announced it will scrap half of the remaining