A guide to VOIP phone systems

What are VOIP phone systems?

You will have probably heard of VOIP phone systems if you are familiar with the telecoms industry. If not, VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. 

If you are still scratching your head wondering what the term means, a VOIP phone system allows you to get phone service delivered through an internet connection, as opposed to a phone company. 

That is providing that the internet connection is stable and secure. 

Making a call directly over the internet can have many benefits which we will discuss in more detail below. 

VOIP is a popular type of phone system and may also be referred to as broadband telephony or internet telephony.

How do VOIP Phone Systems work? 

So, now you know what a VOIP phone system is. But, maybe you’d like to know how it works. 

A VOIP phone system takes analogue audio signals and converts them into digital data so that they can be transmitted over an internet connection. 

A huge benefit of this is the fact that, by using the VOIP phone systems over an internet connection, you will potentially avoid charges from traditional phone companies. 

This is providing that you are on the same network as the person you are calling. If not, then you can expect transgression fees to be charged. 

As well as this, VOIP also allows for great details of clarity, with HD voice, providing two times the amount of audio range than traditional landline calls have.

VOIP Phone Systems for smaller businesses

If you are a smaller business, you may be thinking that you’d rather just stick with traditional phone systems as you believe they are ‘easier’. 

Before you disregard VOIP phone systems completely, you need to know about the many advantages VOIP can bring to your business! 

So, why use a VOIP phone system? 

VOIP phone systems are usually much more cost-effective than traditional phone systems. 

First of all, there is much less equipment to buy or lease with VOIP phone systems. 

Not only this, the monthly fees tend to be lower as well, meaning more money for you to invest in other areas of your business. 

While there is still setup and ongoing costs, these are usually lower than traditional phone systems.

Because of the nature of VOIP, your business will only need one account and one bill for both your internet and phones.

When it comes to VOIP systems, distance and location have no impact. 

This means that you can have high-quality phone calls with people across the world, this is providing you have a stable internet connection.

VOIP Phone Systems for large businesses

With many technological advantages over traditional phone systems, it’s easy to see why VOIP systems continue to grow in popularity. 

Expect amazing features such as call forwarding to mobile phones through the use of dedicated apps, incredible scalability potential and the ability to customise call screening and forwarding rules. 

Not only are VOIP phone systems great for small businesses, but they are also perfect for larger businesses too! 

VOIP systems are found in some of the largest companies throughout the world. 

Some call centres even operate without actually having an office! 

How do they do this? 

Simple; by using a unified communications system such as VOIP. 

Enterprise VOIP is implemented by many large businesses, and for good reason too. 

By using Enterprise VOIP, your business can save money and increase your profits.

Providing that your internet connection is strong, expect to have crystal clear audio quality too!

Mobile VOIP

Not only does VOIP work well for small, medium and large businesses but it is also extremely effective if you are regularly on the move. 

VOIP on the go, also known as Mobile VOIP, can be an accessible, cost-effective way of communicating through a mobile but having all the benefits a phone system brings. 

If you are wondering how mobile VOIP works, we have you covered. 

The mobile version of VOIP works by using your mobiles 3G, 4G or other internet services to send calls as digital signals over the internet. 

Know of any WiFi hotspots? 

Mobile VOIP phones can eliminate the calling costs of your data plan by using WiFi hotspots to your advantage. 

Users of Mobile VOIP phones can expect lower monthly phone bills and all-round improved data-plan with your mobile carrier. 

Although Mobile VOIP can be great for individuals, businesses are also starting to see the benefits. 

Companies that have employees on the road can benefit hugely from the flexibility VOIP brings. Not only this, but businesses can also lower their office overheads by using mobile VOIP.

The functionality that comes with a mobile VOIP app is something to look forward to as well. 

The apps come with features such as 4-way calling, video chat and group chat. 

For business communications, these kinds of features can be extremely beneficial, especially if employees are travelling up and down the country.

If you’re thinking of using a VoIP system in your business make sure you contact us and we can help you choose the right solution for your business! 

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