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Every business wants to save money and measure the effectiveness of their outputs. For some companies, phone calls are the deciding factor between being profitable and being out of business. 

If calls are a vital part of your business, and you know you could be measuring your efforts in a more effective way, call logging software could be the difference between your company doing okay and your company doing amazingly.

What is call logging software?

Call logging software gives businesses the ability to track, record and optimise the use of their telephone systems. Call logging doesn’t refer to actually recording the contents of the call but simply to the call detail record (the statistical and technical data). 

If you aren’t familiar with call detail records and you own a business, understanding them and their importance could save you lots of money. Call detail records are the data records produced by telecommunications equipment, allowing you to see the details of a telephone call such as the length of the call and the caller’s number. 

Call logging software will not only show you important details about completed calls, but it will also show you data on missed calls. This can be very beneficial if you conduct a lot of business over the phone.

Managers can run call tracking reports by extension, department, account code, or phone number.  Missing out on important phone calls can be detrimental to any business, so being able to get a report on how many phone calls your sales team have missed daily, weekly or monthly is crucial to driving your business.

Call logging software is a great way for your business to control your costs. This could be the cost of calls, cost of trunk lines, costs by department, unused extension and much more. Not only this, but it is also important to see how long it is taking your business to answer phone calls and show where extra capacity is required or where cost savings can be achieved.

How missed calls can ruin your business

Call logging software will allow you to track any missed calls your company receives and produce a report that shows the Call detail records so you know exactly the numbers that have tried to call but have not been answered. 

So, why is understanding the number of missed calls important? 

A study that comes from BT states that potential customers will only call a company two times before moving onto another, also stating that the cost of missing one customer call can be around £1200. For any business, missing lots of customer calls can add up very quickly.

In the study, it is stated that the UK’s small and medium-sized businesses could be losing out to a figure around £90 million, just by missing out on missed calls. The study also stated that some business owners estimate the cost of being uncontactable by phone for 24 hours would be even higher ranging from £9,000 to £20,000.

The information provided by BT convincingly shows us how important it is to stay on top of your calls in your business. Thousands and thousands of pounds can be lost if you don’t make missed calls a priority. 

To apply this to your business, imagine you have a sales team of 50 people. You simply don’t have the time to go round and see how many calls are being missed on individual machines. So, you make the executive decision to install call logging software so you can start to measure what’s important. 

With the software installed, you can see, collectively, how many calls are being missed and if you know the value of each phone call, you can work out how much money you are losing out on.

Internal benefits of call logging software 

Now we know that call logging software can be extremely beneficial for tracking missed calls and getting information on your missed callers such as their numbers. But what other benefits can you expect? 

In business, measurement is one of the most effective ways to identify problems and then make the right steps to solving them. Let’s say you own a call centre and want to see how productive your employees are.  You want them to be aiming for 30 calls per day and you are far too busy to be overlooking how they are performing in the office. Call logging software would be the perfect solution here to track the number of calls they make/receive in a day and also the duration of the calls. 

As well as monitoring productivity, call logging software can also be great for setting KPI’s for individual employees, as well as collectively for the company. 

KPI’s are not always a bad thing; we worked with a call centre to help them improve the number of minutes an agent was available. So instead of beating them with the proverbial stick, we used the details from the call logger to reward agents on the amount of time available to receive inbound calls. 

No longer will your agents spend half their lives within the “toilet” DND status!

You will be able to measure targets, performance and efficiencies to the finest degree, something that is so important when running a business. Again, call centres are a perfect example of companies that are focused on detailed metrics such as the average length of a call and resolution outcome. 

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