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3 Benefits Of Call Logging

Call logging software can be a great way to accurately measure the effectiveness of your phone calls. In many companies, missed phone calls can result in huge losses in sales, which no business wants. 

Call logging software gives businesses a way to overcome this problem by tracking, recording and optimising the use of their telephone systems. There is a huge list of benefits that businesses can experience with call logging software. 

To broaden your knowledge on the subject, we’ve chosen our top 3 benefits below and detailed how they will help your business.  

1. Improve business efficiency

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Call logging software is a brilliant way to see which employees aren’t pulling their weight when it comes to making sales calls.

With a call logging software, you will be able to track the number of incoming and outgoing calls made by members of your team.

Being able to measure the effectiveness of your staff is important if you want to increase the efficiency of your business operations. 

You may find that certain members of your team are way below the average number of calls made each day, giving you the opportunity to pull them up and address their performance.

This type of information is especially useful for managers who want to get the most out of their staff and identify any areas where productivity could be increased.

2. Improve customer service

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There is nothing worse than not being able to get through to a business when you need to.

As any business owner will know, missed calls equal missed business.

With call logging software, you can quickly establish a number of potential issues as to why calls are not going through. 

Perhaps the number of calls coming through outweigh the number of staff on the phones. By identifying this issue, you would then be able to take the necessary steps to resolve it and make sure that no calls are being missed.

Another possible reason calls could be being lost is due to phone lines being used and the next caller receiving the busy tone rather than a call tone.

Call logging software can help you find and solve many of these issues through the use of a trunk utilisation report. 

A trunk utilisation report can provide valuable insights into your business's trunk or phone line utilisation.

From this, you will be able to identify issues in your network, maintain proper capacity and much more. 

Ultimately, by being able to identify issues with your phone calls, you will be able to fix any problems and improve your overall customer service.

3. Retrieve Lost Calls

call logging receiving lost calls

A lost call report is another feature of call logging software that provides extreme value to businesses.

Imagine that you own an estate agents and you make a hefty commission on any house you sell. 

Every phone call you receive is potential commission, which also means that every phone call you miss is potential commission lost. By using call logging software, you will get access to something called a Lost Call Report. 

Using a lost call report will mean you can make sure if you do end up losing a call, that you can get back in touch with that person and hopefully save your commission. 

Before a customer goes to another estate agent, you will be able to see who has called and what their contact details are. Now you can finally close the deals you need and get that commission!

Retrieving lost calls is something every business owner should aim to do, and if not, you will be potentially losing out on customers and money.

Call logging software may not sound exciting but improving customer service, increasing business efficiency and retaining customers is something that every business owner should get excited about!

If you’re looking to implement call logging software in your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our expert team will help you choose the right software for your exact requirements. 

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