Newton Fox Telemarketing – client case study

Newton Fox Telemarketing

Gamma Horizon and Akixi call reporting case study 

Who are Newton Fox Telemarketing?

Newton Fox Telemarketing is a Bolton based business development specialist. Launched in 2007 by husband and wife combo, Chris and Julie Newton, the firm initially started life as a recruitment business thanks to Chris’s background as a recruiter. As the recession hit and their clients had less requirements for recruitment services, Newton Fox Telemarketing diversified into other areas and telemarketing became their core business focus.

Now, ten years on from their launch, the business still handles some recruitment, training and mentoring, however 95% of their work involves appointment setting and lead generation for their customers. Their diverse client base includes accountants, solicitors, construction firms, insurance specialists and customer insight companies, amongst others.

What was the original challenge they faced?

As you can imagine, the telecoms infrastructure for a business like Newton Fox Telemarketing needs to be robust, user friendly and efficient. The services they sell to their clients include ringing up prospects, delivering clear messages and offering additional functions including call recording. They also need to be able to analyse what their staff are doing to ensure things are running smoothly in terms of productivity and achieving the agreed service levels.

Chris & Julie Newton

Several years ago, they implemented a new system via a telecoms firm who promised them an efficient system that would be as good as a landline, with all the additional functionality they could possibly need. On paper, the system they were sold seemed ideal. However, some serious issues developed from the beginning and these problems started to significantly impact Newton Fox Telemarketing.

None more so than the system going down and not working, on one occasion for more than 24 hours! One of their key service offerings to their clients is the ability to record calls and, on one Wednesday afternoon, the system went down and their supplier couldn’t get it working again until Thursday afternoon. The impact was huge and cost Newton Fox Telemarketing about £3k in lost revenue.

For all the bells and whistles they were promised, even when the system was up and running, it simply didn’t work well. The quality of their calls is imperative. The system they bought however featured crackly lines and a ‘tinny’ sound, with lines even cutting out, making a difficult job even harder for their staff. That wasn’t the only problem though. In addition to a system that they couldn’t fully rely on and ropey equipment, the customer service offered by the firm who installed it was awful. Newton Fox Telemarketing were left disappointed by the lack of ownership this supplier took over problems and the service they provided was very blasé.

Newton Fox Telemarketing battled on as long as they could, however as soon as they could get out of this agreement, they grasped the opportunity and haven’t looked back.

After such an awful experience, how come Newton Fox Telemarketing trusted Comms Consult to fix things?

Well, ironically, they wish they’d chosen Comms Consult all them years ago as they would have saved themselves a lot of time, money and hassle! Chris has known Geoff Bateson and the Comms Consult team for a long time and has built up a trusted relationship with them. In fact, when Chris was experiencing the issues with their old system and supplier, Geoff and the team were always on hand to give great advice and support, despite it not being their system!

Where their old supplier really let themselves down with their poor customer service, Comms Consult were incredibly helpful. Comms Consult do what they say they are going to do and are very trustworthy. This really appealed to Newton Fox Telemarketing and, when the time came for them to change suppliers, Comms Consult were the obvious choice.

What system did you purchase?

Gamma Horizon hosted phone system
Polycom handset for Horizon hosted PBX

They needed all the features they were promised of their old system, but with none of the inefficiencies or service problems. Chris explained to Geoff of Comms Consult in laymen’s terms exactly what he needed, running through how many agents he has, how many calls they make per day and what their client’s expectations were from a functionality point of view. Geoff put a package together for Chris and the ideal solution was the Gamma Horizon System. Geoff explained the benefits in a clear, concise and easy to understand way, and the Gamma Horizon System ticked all boxes.

The thing Network Fox Telemarketing are enjoying most about this system is the fact it’s so efficient. It works all the time, the lines are supremely clear and there’s no downtime due to poor quality. The reporting system is also more straight forward than the old and this means the vital information is delivered in a very user-friendly way. The added reliability has ensured a better service to their clients and has helped avoid embarrassing errors. The switch to the Comms Consult and the Gamma Horizon System has given Newton Fox Telemarketing complete confidence in the service they are providing to their clients and has ultimately helped the business improve its service offering.

Anything else that’s impressed Newton Fox Telemarketing about working with Comms Consult?

The system works flawlessly and, whilst on paper features broadly the same functions, it does everything better than their old one and works 100% of the time. Chris Newton was also very impressed with the installation. They had a great engineer who fitted the system. The system was delivered and fitted on time and the team really went above and beyond. They calibrated the whole system, set every desk and workstation up, tested everything repeatedly to make sure it was all working properly, and took the time to help train their staff on how to use it to its full potential. The customer service offered by Comms Consult has been, and continues to be, outstanding.