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Mitel Phone Bundles

Introducing Mitel Phone System Bundles

The Mitel phone system bundles are targeted specifically at small business markets, they have been purposely designed to drive your sales forward, making it easier for you to communicate with your customers and colleagues.

Now more affordable than ever. The new MiVoice Office 250 easy bundles, you can now benefit from Mitel’s industry leading, and highly popular handset solutions, all delivered on a feature rich platform right out of the box.

Mitel’s MiVoice Office 250 phone system has proven itself to be a reliable and scalable platform, improving your productivity and company efficiency. It’s a fully featured, application rich communication solution ensuring that your staff can focus on the needs of the customer, drive efficiency across the business and help to reduce the unnecessary costs often associated with delivering higher levels of customer service. Now, these new MiVoice Office 250 easy bundles offer big business capabilities at a smaller business cost.

Mitel 5300 Series Handsets

Take a look at the packages below by clicking on the arrows on the left

  • -Mitel Mivoice 250 Controller unit
  • -DDM16 for up to 16 digital handsets
  •  -ISDN2 line card
  •  -4x 8528 Handsets
  •  -1 year support and back-up
  • Mitel Mivoice 250 Controller unit
  • ISDN2 line card
  • 4x 5320e IP handsets
  • 4x IP licenses
  • 1 year support & back-up
Mitel 5320e IP handset
  • -Mitel Mivoice 250 Controller unit
  •  -DDM16 for up to 16 digital handsets
  • – ISDN2 line card
  • –  4x 8568 Handsets
  • –  Mitel Phone Manager for 4 users
  •  – 3 year support & back-up
  • Mitel Mivoice 250 Controller unit
  • 4x SIP trunk Licenses
  • 4x 5320e IP handsets
  • 4x IP licenses
  • 3 years support & back-up
Mitel 5320e IP handset
  • Mitel Mivoice 250 Controller unit
  • ISDN2 line card
  • 4x 5320e IP handsets
  • 4x IP licenses
  • Mitel Phone manager for 4 users
  • 3 years support & back-up

Speak to our team about the right package for your business

MiVoice 250 Product Overview

The MiVoice Office 250 delivers both a very robust Digital and / or IP communications solution

There’s two different levels of package we offer, to help meet the demands of your small business whatever industry you work in.

The Value Package is intended to help meet the requirements of a business looking for a simple but reliable solution to making, taking and transferring phone calls, where the price is just as reliable.
The Value Plus Package offers an upgrade on the phones to higher-end models, includes a lite version of the highly popular Mitel Phone Manager application, and 2 more years of software assurance for a total of 3 years.

In addition to these packages, we also have an SIP Value Package. This would be especially interesting for those offering within a managed office scenario or where the internet infrastructure is particularly good. When ISDN is replaced in the next few years all calls and telephony will be carried over SIP trunks so it might be worth looking at this solution now.

Digital Mitel bundle includes:

  • HX controller (PBX or phone system) with DDM16 card (Digital phone ports)
  • Base package software
  • 4x 8528 digital phones
  • 1-year of software assurance.

The IP bundle offers a similar configuration but is optimised for IP with four 5320e (self-labelling, backlit) IP phones instead.

Mitel MiVoice 250 Phone System

What are the benefits to my business of a Mitel Phone System?

Benefits of the Mitel MiVoice 250 SMB packages

These new MiVoice Office 250 Easy Bundles are an exceptional opportunity to build your business on a solid foundation with the right technology infrastructure to enable any future growth.

The Mitel SMB easy bundles offer your business the opportunity to deliver better communications and collaborate more easily with your customers.

The MiVoice 250 is ready for the future. The system is what we would term as a hybrid telephone system, this means that it has the capabilities of utilising the existing telephone infrastructure in the UK (ISDN) and working seamlessly with SIP Trunking which is now a very viable option to consider.

Mitel Phone Manager Screenshot

Key benefits of the Mitel MiVoice 250 Bundles

  • Each package comes with 4 Mitel handsets and the accompanying licenses for use with the phone system.
  • You have the choice of a digital or IP based system. Giving you the flexibility to plan for the future of your business requirements.
    • Choice of entry level handsets or more premium handsets
    • SIP trunk licenses are included in the SIP bundle, meaning you can plug it into any SIP trunk provider. We can help supply SIP trunks with unlimited calls included within the rental.
  • All the additional applications to help you be a more productive business are included.
    •  Auto-attendant and voicemail – press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service etc. and personal voicemail boxes for all phones on the system. The Mitel voicemail application includes the ability to send them direct to your email for listening on the move.
    • Meet-me and ad-hoc conferencing – Conferencing facilities at the touch of a button. Whether its two people or more you can create a conference bridge easily with the Mitel small business phone system
    • Twinning – This allows you to pair up your desk phone with your mobile phone or SIP client etc. Meaning you can take calls on your Direct Dial phone number wherever you are
  • No restriction on the number of phones and handsets you can add over time. Simply add the handset and purchase the relevant license.
  • Software assurance included in all bundles. This could be 1 years support up to 3 years support depending on the package you choose.

Speak to our team about the right package for your business

Mitel Configuration and installation service

Ordering becomes easier and faster with the MiVoice Office 250 Easy Bundles. They come pre-packaged with four handsets and all the necessary user licenses. If you require any more you can simply add more handsets and user licenses.

Small Business Phone System Installation

Add ons you could take with your Mitel bundle

The Value Plus Package offers the opportunity to add on extra features to support your business needs. These include:

SIP DECT – a comprehensive solution for cordless telephony on IP-based networks by combining SIP with the robustness of DECT, without the need for an external server component
Mitel Phone Manager – take advantage of the features of the MiVoice Office 250 straight from your PC desktop, as well as numerous CRM integrations. Including Click to dial from most CRM systems
MiContact Centre Campaign Manager – a software-based outbound progressive dialling solution, designed to vastly improve productivity of your outbound dialling team. Perfect for a call centre or a small team of outbound sales agents.
MiContact Centre Office – is an entry-level solution for Business Analytics or workgroups with up to 100 contact or call centre agents




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