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Mitel phone systems

Mitel phone systems provide a powerful, flexible and trusted solution most suited to small office business telephone needs

Mitel Phone System

Mitel MiVoice 250 (formally HX5000)

a flexible solution

The Mitel MiVoice 250 business phone system delivers a complete suite of business applications out of the box. This includes unified Voice Messaging, Hot Desking, Meet-Me Conferencing, ACD and enhanced mobility with Dynamic Extension Express, Teleworking. The system is designed to help your business to improve communications and collaborate throughout the organisation.

Can Support Any Type Of Device

from handset to PC

The Mitel MiVoice 250 business phone system is a Hybrid Communications platform. This means that the system can support any type of device (Handset, SIP Client, PC etc.) and also support any form of trunk connectivity (Your telephone lines be it SIP, ISDN or Analogue lines). Any small business can provide a professional image to its prospects and customers with this system improving customer experience.

mitel phone system
mitel location

Are your staff in different locations?

have access to your calls anywhere

The MiVoice 250 business phone system offers a digital / IP communications platform. Your business can create a company wide communications platform with seamless transfer between sites and satellite offices. This gives the customer a smooth and efficient experience when dealing with companies who have staff based in different geographic locations. This can even be done across the world.

Comms Consult recently installed a MiVoice 250 phone system with micontact center for a customer who had a holiday home in Barbados and Cyprus. We sent a phone over with the boss. He can now can take calls and make calls as if he were sat in his office in Bolton. Perfect for improving customer experience.

Additional Mitel products available

for additional phone features

The MitelMiVoice 250 business office phone systems also supports a range of advanced Unified Communications applications via the Mitel Applications Suite (MAS), the Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Express and the Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Advanced.

Mitel Unified Messaging

saves dial time

The Speech Auto-Attendant saves dial time by speaking a name – whether in a conference room, in a car, or at a desk. Just say a name and the connection happens automatically.

Saves time

on message retrieval

There can be a lot of places to look for messages from the fax machine to voicemail, to email – that’s also a lot of passwords for users to remember. Mitel Unified Messaging simplifies message retrieval – users retrieve voice, text, and fax messages from one synchronized message store using the device that suits them best e.g. Outlook email software.

Deliver a common set of user features in different packages that meet the scale and reliability requirements of all businesses:

Mitel Speech Auto-Attendant. If inbound callers need to speak with a specific person in your company. Mitel’s Speech Auto-Attendant provides quick self-serve access to company resources.

Speech Auto-Attendant – Easy Call Flow Management. The speech auto attendant in Mitel Unified Messaging can be used for incoming calls at the attendant level. Callers just say a name or department and are automatically transferred to that number.

For an enhanced caller experience Mitel Unified Messaging Call Director can be used to create standard call flows and greetings in the same voice so that every branch office greets callers the same way.

For call centres out there, Mitel also offers micontact center. This is a solution designed specifically for call centres using the Mitel Mivoice office product range. Great for helping you improve communications and collaborate with businesses of all sizes.

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